IRRC (International Research and Resources) is an international forum to support higher education and research activities, particularly for least developed countries (LDCs). Academics and researchers of world class academic institutions are voluntarily providing these support activities. The main aim of the IRRC is to help the students and researchers of LDCs in enhancing their academic and research standard. The key objectives are as follows:

  • To support resources for higher education institutes, industries, business organisations and government agencies. These resources include human resources (local/international experts), digital library (for research papers, books, reports etc.), books, expensive research equipment, free Internet facilities, local/international experts and free space for research and development.
  • To conduct applied and evidence-based research in collaboration with local and international academic institutes and industrial/business partners.
  • To organise online conference, online exhibition, online experiments, online meeting with experts, online research training or courses etc.
  • To provide information about research funding and scholarships (local and abroad).
  • To develop link programme between world class universities/research organisations and universities of the least developed countries.

     If you have any ideas, suggestions or expertise to help IRRC, please email to: