List of Organisations offering Scholarships and Fellowships or Research Fund


  • PhD scholarship in Mathematics Education
  • PhD Research Fellowships in Education at the Faculty of Humanities and Education
  • Postdoctoral Research Fellow (DNA from Ancient Soils)
  • Spencer Foundation Post-Doctoral Fellowships in Equality of Opportunity and Education
  • The Center for Ethics in Society / Program on Global Justice Post Doctoral Fellowships
  • Postdoctural Research Fellow in Urban Conservation Planning
  • Postdoctoral Research Fellow for Global Change Project in Health, Environment & Sustainable Fish Production
  • Post-doc in Systems Biology
  • PhD in Seismic Acquisition Design
  • PhD in Photovoltaics
  • Post-doc in Foldamer Synthesis and Assembly
  • PhD in Image Analysis
  • Post-doc in Self-Healing Materials
  • Post-doc in Laser Spectroscopy
  • PhD scholarship in Nanophotonic Switches
  • Postdoctoral research at IIASA
  • International Conference on Food and Environment - The Quest for a Sustainable Future
  • International Conference on Emerging Research Paradigms in Business and Social Sciences
  • The 22nd Midwest Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Science Conference
  • IADIS e-Commerce International Conference
  • International Conference on Business & Public Policy
  • International Conference on Management Science and e-Business Engineering
  • Master of Human Rights and Democratisation (Asia Pacific) Scholarships
  • Gates Millennium Scholars (GMS) scholarships

Other Scholarships:

       Commonwealth Scholarship & Fellowship Plan (CSFP)

·       Fulbright Scholarships

·       Japanese Government Scholarships

·       World Bank Scholarship & Fellowships Programs

·       Australian (AusAID) Scholarships

·       International Scholarships and Financial Aid Positions

·       Grants, Scholarships and other Funding_United Nation

·       British Council Scholarships

·       British Chevening Scholarships

·       World Wide Admissions and Scholarships

·       Directory of Grants and Fellowships in the Global Health Sciences

·       United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change

 .          International Foundation for Science (IFS)

·      WHO